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Interior Designer Philosophy 

I believe that an effective interior design should create and transform moods as well as develop a personal touch to the environment. I admire how the design is in the detail of not only the space but the brand and the concept delivery. Interior Design is to offer an experience that combines the urban sprawl as well as the creativity and energy captured from art installations, music/sound and landscapes. My inspirations stem from art and personal ideas. I am also influenced by mood, environment and its surroundings. By integrating photography and urban creative culture, I strongly believe that interior has the potential to make an impact. 
I am looking forward to an exciting career in interior design which will indefinitely allow me to express my creativity and further more to use my skills to fulfil client's desires.


Concept featured in Blueprint Magazine 

Fareez Hafiz
Interior Design concept - The colony

The Colony takes us on a journey of perceptive discovery. Hafiz's aim was to capture and understand the notion of perception in intimate spaces (such as this public bath and bee farm). He hoped to detach the body and soul from the fast pace of urban life by coaxing out memories from its users' subconscious and in turn creating new memories. By fully investigating the human traits of experience and subjectivity, Hafiz has got to the heart of the discipline of interior architecture and design, using his intuition to manipulate space, place, materiality, lighting and the existing building fabric. He calls on the use of narrative and storytelling through his drawing technique, further exploring the realms of triggers, such as familiarity and form. Gemma Barton