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Who do I think I am? 

Some people call me a visual designer, some think of me as an overall creative individual, some even have the nerve to call me an artist; to the rest I just make the best cupboard food you will ever taste. What do I mean by cupboard food? It's the leftover ingredients in your cupboard, give it to me and I will make you a food heaven (spoiler alert but this is the truth).

You can call me Fareez but I don't like to label or tag myself, so I'll let you decide what I am to you by checking out my work.  

What drives me? 

For me, philosophy is the source and  foundation in anything I do: true reason will make true art.

What does K.U.I.C mean?

K.U.I.C: Knowing, Understanding, Interpret and Create. Knowing will give you reason, understanding will structure your reason, interpretation will give you infinite reasons to create.